Tim Burton’s 9 (2009)

This movie is what ‘Wall-E’ wasn’t and what ‘The Road’ is. A bleak post-apocalyptic vision with a glimmer of hope. There are nine small humanoid homonculi created by the scientist who touched off the world destruction problem to begin with. He creates these little guys as a last ditch effort to save the planet from destruction. The best of what he has to offer, but split up into nine parts, and the hope is that enough of them will work together to put a stop to the destruction, and move forward. So while the scene is bleak, the nine remaining inhabitants have quite different viewpoints, as well as different skills for survival. Some work together, some work independently, but in the end they manage to find agreement, and a way to start over. There is a talisman involved, a mystery, and a fair amount of adventure. It is brilliant in it’s simplicity. Even if it fails to examine the steps that lead up to world destruction. Don’t miss it.

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