Pretty Devils (2000)

This is a story that should focus on the traumatic events of youth and the effects they have down the road–which it presents, but doesn’t fully explore.  Naughty Lea (Olivia Bonamy) and sly Aurelie (Axelle Ade-Pasdeloup) are a pair of teenage girls with a taste for mayhem–they chat up men and rob them, they steal from locker rooms, and generally use a near abandoned gym as their larceny playground.  Why?  They are living a middle class existence with their mother, so it is not that they are destitute.  We later learn that their father has died in a diving accident, and that their mother was unable to show any sort of affection or interest in them for a long time afterwards.  So maybe it is attention seeking.  They are beginning to worry that Mom’s new boyfriend, a local gendarme, may be on to them.

Enter Anne-Sophie (Audrey Tatou), who has been dumped by a lover.  She is interested in revenge, and Lea and Aurelie have lots of ideas about how to foil his relationship with his latest love interest–which they successfully accomplish.  Anne-Sophie is eager to be their friend, and gets immediately wrapped up in their antics, but quickly there are two consecutive and unrelated disasters that lead to an end to the acting out, and provide a way for the policeman to gain an entrance to their stone cold hearts as well.  Well acted, and gives one the ability to connect the dots on why these girls are acting as they do, but not much else.  I recommend, with a 7/10 rating.


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